does a rev limiter decrease torque

A rev limiter is a gadget or element in an engine control program that restrictions the most rotational pace (revolutions per minute or RPM) of the engine. Its principal purpose is to avert the motor from operating at excessively higher RPMs, which can guide to opportunity damage or failure.

Though a rev limiter restricts the engine’s greatest RPM, it does not specifically cut down torque. Torque is a evaluate of the rotational drive generated by the engine and is related to the engine’s structure, displacement, and other components. The rev limiter does not change the engine’s torque output or properties.

On the other hand, when the engine reaches the RPM limit set by the rev limiter, it intervenes to limit even more acceleration or avert the engine from surpassing that restrict. This can end result in a momentary reduction in power output since the engine simply cannot continue on to rev larger and develop extra horsepower. As a end result, the price at which torque limiter factory boosts with growing RPM might gradual down, but the true torque output continues to be unchanged within just the engine’s running vary.

It truly is crucial to note that the unique habits of a rev limiter can fluctuate based on the engine and its management procedure. Some rev limiters may well use procedures these as ignition timing retardation or gas slice-off to command the motor pace. These procedures can impact the torque supply momentarily throughout the intervention of the rev limiter but do not change the elementary torque traits of the motor.